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Personal Training

Our certified Personal Trainers will help you achieve your health and fitness goals with safe and effective personalized exercise programs. Through one-on-one sessions, our Personal Trainers will assess your fitness levels and develop an exercise prescription focused on achieving specific goals you have set.  Personalized Training at the YMCA is affordable and effective.


Fee: YMCA members (45 min sessions)

1 Session:                $25

4 Sessions:              $80

8 Sessions:              $150

10 Sessions:            $175

Partner Training for Y members

$15 per person/per session for groups of 2 people or more.


TRX Training

TRX Suspension Trainers are a fantastic tool to utilize for achieving your health and fitness related goals. Whether you want to build strength, musclular endurance, tone, or explosiveness; TRX Suspension training can help you acheive more. Contact the Health & Fitness Director to set up training times and for pricing


Personal Training Programs

Personal training programs are available to members. These programs are custom tailored to what your health & fitness needs and goals are. Looking to lose weight? Build muscle? Or just get started on the right path to exercise? Then our Health & Fitness Director can get you started. The first program is free and can be set up for up to 6 weeks in length, as many days per week as you would like. After that, an additional program only costs $15 for up to 6 weeks length. 


Youth Personal Training: YMCA members (45 min sessions)

1 Session:                $20

4 Sessions:              $76

8 Sessions:              $144

10 Sessions:            $160



Components of the fitness assessment

Pretest Instructions:

  • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing that will allow you to complete a particular test.
  • Avoid food, alcohol, and caffeine for at least 3 hours before the test
  • Get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of fluids the day before the test
  • Avoid strenuous exercise on the day of the test.


What type of assessments can be done?

Body Composition

Muscular Strength

Muscular Endurance

Cardiorespiratory Fitness



How do I sign up?

1. Stop by the front desk or the Fitness Director’s office to sign-up.

2. A member of our staff will contact you to schedule a day and time for your fitness assessment.


How much does it cost?

The 1st fitness assessment is $10.00. Each additional fitness assessment is $20.00.


Why would this benefit me?

  1. Education for individuals about their current health-related physical fitness.
  2. Use data to individualize exercise program.
  3. Provide baseline and follow-up data to evaluate exercise program.
  4. Help with risk stratification for individuals.
  5. Motivate members into achieving their fitness goals.


Contact the Worthington Area YMCA Health/Fitness Director: Cory Greenway

507-376-6197 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Worthington Area Y
DeGroot Family Center
1501 Collegeway
Worthington, MN 56187
(507) 376-6197
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