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The goal for the Y and City of Worthington Aquatics Center is to provide a high quality, friendly, healthy, and most of all safe environment for families, children, and the surrounding communities.  Some of the program offerings that we have to achieve this goal are a variety of swimming lessons and water aerobics classes.  There are a multitude of opportunities for people of all ages to make a splash and get fit in the water, whether it be enjoying our open or family swims, joining the swim team, attending a birthday party, taking part in a class, or swimming laps.  Jump in and get involved in aquatics!



Aquatics CenterYour safety is our main concern.  YMCA staff and volunteers have reviewed and developed the following rules in accordance with relevant State Statutes.  We believe our Aquatic Rules will allow you to enjoy the pools while minimizing the risk involved.  If you have any questions on our Aquatic Center rules, please do not hesitate to ask.


Swimmer Safety: Obey lifeguards at all times and report problems or emergencies to the lifeguards.  Lifeguards are responsible for the safety of everyone within the pool enclosure. When a lifeguard blows his / her whistle or is speaking loudly, his / her instructions are to be obeyed. Their decisions are final.


Showering: Any person using a public pool must take cleansing shower, using warm water and soap, and thoroughly rinse off all soap before entering the pool enclosure.  A user leaving the pool to use the toilet must take a second cleansing shower before returning to the pool enclosure.  



Swimsuits: Appropriate swimming attire (swimsuits) must be worn in the water at all times. 


General Behavior: All swimmers must behave with caring, honesty, respect & responsibility.  Horseplay or unnecessary roughness & foul language will not be allowed in the pool or locker rooms. Sitting on or hanging from pool ladders, lane lines and safety lines is not allowed. No spitting, spouting, or blowing nose in pool.


Parental supervision: We are proud to offer a great indoor and seasonal outdoor aquatic venue to our members and guests.  Children ages 7 and younger must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the Aquatic Center. Children who cannot swim and cannot pass the swim test must be accompanied by an adult IN the water.


Pool Cleanliness: In order to keep the pool area and deck clean and safe, NO glass containers, gum, candy or food of any kind is allowed in the pool area.  Please try to avoid wearing shoes on the pool deck.


Dive, Jumps and Flips: No back dives, inward dives, spins or flips from the edge.  Front dives are allowed only in 10 ft deep water.


Diapers: Children who wear diapers must wear swimming designated diapers, commonly referred to as swimmies”. Regular diapers are not allowed because: When torn, diapers release a gel into the pool which plugs the pool filters. Diapers absorb water and become extremely heavy impairing a child’s mobility.


Floatation devices: children or adults wearing a personal floatation device must be directly supervised by an adult who is IN the water next to the child / adult.  Acceptable personal floatation devices include coast guard approved lifejackets and swim suit with floatation inserts.  If a child/adult is wearing a floatation device and the lifeguard can not see their feet the device is not allowed.


Toys and Equipment:  Please leave toys at home.  Absolutely no rafts are allowed.  Goggles and masks must be made of tempered or safety glass. Kick boards and swimming lesson equipment may be used during open swim only for stroke practice under the supervision of a parent or by adults during lap swimming. Lifeguards always have the discretion, not to allow any equipment for safety reasons.


Wounds: if you have an exposed wound, please do not use the pools.

No person with or suspected of having a communicable disease which could be transmitted through the use of the pool shall work at or use any public pool.



  • Feet first entry only (no spinning).  Sitting or laying on back only.
  • No one is allowed to wear jewelry, watches, or goggles on slide.
  • Children must successfully complete the swim test to use the slide.
  • No swinging body at top of slide to pick up speed.
  • Swimmers slide down without stopping and exit the pool after they come down waterslide.
  • One person at a time down slide unless with an adult.
  • No swimming or playing in the slide area when the slide is in operation.
  • Always show caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.


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