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2017 Healthy Heart Challenge

This year’s Healthy Heart Challenge has been updated and slightly changed. This year’s challenge will follow a point system instead of tracking miles. Just as in previous years, point sheets will be submitted at the front desk at the end of each week. All participants receive a shirt for participation as well as the remainder of fee going to the American Heart Association The totals will be updated every Monday morning by our Front Desk staff. The challenge will span 12 weeks from January 16th—April 9th. The points are earned based on both the time of exercise and the intensity of exercise. Points will allow you to also incorporate strength training programs into the challenge instead of tracking mileage.


CARDIO Workouts

1 hour LIGHT = 2 pt

 *Light cardiovascular includes, walking, and other low impact activities like biking around 20+ minute mile paces

1 hour MODERATE = 4 pts

 *Moderate cardiovascular includes, jogging, elliptical, AMT, lap swimming continuously (freestyle or breast strokes) for 8-18 laps

1 hour INTENSE = 9 pts

 *Intense cardiovascular includes, sprint workouts, continuous lap swimming (freestyle or breast strokes) for 18 or more laps, and other cardio machines with below 12 minute mile paces



1 hour LIGHT = 3 pt

 *Light strength includes weights below 65% 1 rep max range.

1 hour MODERATE = 5 pts

 *Moderate strength includes weights between 65% to 80% 1 rep max range

1 hour INTENSE = 10 pts

 *Intense strength includes weights between 80% and above 1 rep max range

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