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Development Plan for Player, Coaching, Referee, Field and Risk Management

Player Development Plan

To provide for a positive youth soccer environment, the Worthington FC will take the following steps to attract new members and insure player development:

  • Provide quality and age appropriate coaching to improve player skills, at the recreation, recreation plus, and competitive levels, through player clinics and a coaching philosophy which emphasizes fun, skill development, and good sportsmanship at all levels. 
  • Player development plans will vary depending on the levels of the team involved.  The recreation teams will emphasize skill development and fun, with in house games only where no score is kept and the outcome of the contest to be secondary to learning.  Recreation plus teams will have the opportunity to play some games against other clubs in a competitive format, but the emphasis will be on skill development and learning.  Competitive teams will continue to emphasize skill development and fun but will give the players a chance to play against other clubs in a competitive format where scores will be kept.
  • Players will be encouraged to try new skills and learn about the sport of soccer;
  • Ensure practices and games are fun and educational for all players;
  • Establish and communicate appropriate policies related to playing time, team expectations, etc.


Coach Development Plan

  • To provide for a positive youth soccer environment, the Worthington FC will take the following steps to encourage participation by community members as coaches and improve team coaching:
  •  Designate a coaches coordinator; tasks shall include implementing this plan;
  • Recruit a minimum of 4 new coaches per year from parents (especially of new or younger players) and other community members (especially those with soccer experience);
  • Provide a local coaching clinic annually with an instructor provided by MYSA or equivalent;
  • Facilitate additional training for coaches, for example provide timely information to coaches on clinics offered through Minnesota.
  • Encourage coaches to obtain and maintain coaching certificates and licensure provided by MYSA and the USSF.
  • Provide copies of US Youth Soccer or other MYSA recommended instructional materials to coaches (age-appropriate); and provide access to soccer rule books and additional instructional materials (e.g., MYSA PACT program);
  • Sponsor coaches meetings before and after the season;
  • Encourage opportunities for coaches to play soccer (many of our coaches have little or no playing experience); encourage coaches to participate in informal soccer games among adults in the community;
  • All coaches will adhere to the MYSA Coaches Code of Ethics found at:


Referee Educational and Recruitment Plan

  • To provide for a positive youth soccer environment, the Worthington FC will take the following steps to encourage participation by community members as referees and improve refereeing at games:
  •  Designate a referee coordinator to oversee the referee program. (Note: the referee coordinator may also be the designated referee assignor.)
  • Designate a USSF certified and registered referee assignor to assign USSF certified and registered officials for all recreation plus and or competitive games held by this club.
  • Develop referee program that emphasizes player education and safety in a recreational, recreation plus and or a competitive setting;
  • Provide instructional materials on soccer rules and refereeing procedures to all referees;
  • Sponsor orientation and training to referees;
  • Provide mentoring opportunities to club referees through the MYSA referee mentoring program
  • Provide additional training and replace referees as appropriate;
  • Worthington FC agrees to inform and require all USSF registered and certified adult referees to successfully complete the MYSA referee background check prior to being assigned to or officiating at any MYSA sanctioned game or scrimmage.

Risk Management Plan

In order to provide for a positive youth soccer environment, the Worthington FC will take the following steps to minimize player and coach injuries and adverse experiences:

  • Designate a risk management coordinator, typically a Worthington FC  board member; tasks shall include implementing this plan and keeping first aid kits supplied and distributed;
  • First aid kits will be available on all fields and coaches informed of where those kits are;
  • Ensure all players wear shinguards, no jewelry and bring full water bottles;
  • Player safety will be included in coaches and referees orientation, including discussions lead by qualified medical personnel; topics such as player conditioning, stretching, and stopping overly aggressive play will be covered;
  • Games will not be played under unsafe conditions for example, heavy rain or snow, or during lightning. (Please refer to the MYSA Weather Policies)
  • All coaches and board members will complete a MYSA background check as specified by the MYSA Risk Management Policies;
  • Player-parent informed consent/medical release forms will be completed for all players annually or as required by MYSA;
  • All goals will be anchored and goals will be maintained properly throughout the year.
  • Worthington FC will establish and post policies regarding but not limited to: confidentiality, privacy, registration, refunds, team placement, financial assistance, etc.

Field Development Plan

  • Designate a field coordinator who will be responsible to maintain fields and field access and work as a liaison between the club and the owners of the field space;
  • Currently the Worthington FC intends on using fields located at:

(1) Minnesota West Community and Technical College, 1450 Collegeway, Worthington;

(2) Prairie Elementary, 1700 1st Avenue South, Worthington;

(3) Worthington Middle School 1401 Crailsheim Road, Worthington; and

        (4) Worthington High School, 1211 Clary Street, Worthington.

  • Obtain written permission from the owner of the fields stating use of the fields to conduct your clubs soccer programming;



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