What to Expect


Set weekly goals to boost confidence and stay motivated with this weekly goal sheet.


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Track your daily 20 minutes of activity with this handy printable calendar. Calendars are also available at the YMCA Front Desk. 







Having a prominent place in the home to post your goals to see every day and track your progress will be key in these first days.  Having an accountability buddy (an AccountabiliBuddy) or partner in the challenge will provide the motivation you need within your existing network.  

Weekly emails and video will share themes to encourage you to get up and move with people right around the corner AND around the country!


During the challenge, participants can expect the following:

  • Three weekly text messages  |  Messages will provide access to inspirational videos, workout videos, and more.

  • Tracking Calendar  |  Use your calendar to track your movement. Tracking calendars are available for download or at the Member Services Desk.

  • Participant Kits  |  Participants in the challenge may pick up STRONG materials like recipies, tracking calendars and SMART goal sheets at the YMCA Front Desk. 

    • Y-Members: Receive 6 Guest passes to use and bring in your friends or family who are not apart of the Y yet!

    • Non-members: Will receive a text notification when their 12 Guest Passes will be available for pick-up. 

  • Access to virtual workouts/activities/more!


Here are some tips to stay on track:

  • Post your tracking calendar in an easy-to-see spot in your home/office and track your movement daily.

  • Don’t forget – all movement counts! Whether that means participating in a virtual yoga class, walking the dog, working out in our fitness center, or just parking farther away at the grocery store, find creative ways to incorporate movement into your daily life- but most importantly, make time for it (Only 20 minutes)!

  • Find someone – an “Accountabili-Buddy” – to help keep you on track, accountable, and motivated!


Weekly Themes:

We will post information here on the Monday of each week during the challenge with encouragement, access to workout videos, and ideas to get you moving!

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