Strong Week 6


STRONG Challenger, you have made it to the final week! Now, equip your STRONG arsenal (Achieve, Play, Rest, Connect, Serve) with the final secret weapon, Balance, to be complete.

The Strong Challenge may be over, but the habits will remain. We encourage you to remain a part of the Strong Challenge Community on Facebook and to grow your accountability network. Stay tuned for the next challenge coming soon!


Week 6 Prize Winners:

Congratulations!! You can pick up your prize after 12:00pm (noon), Monday March 8th at the YMCA Front Desk.

Nancy Phongkeo:YMCA Lunch Container
Kathy Olsem: Profile Package
Pam Scheepstra: YMCA Water Bottle
Carly Duffy: Avalon Package
Jessica Martinez:YMCA Towel
Matt Pedersen: YMCA Towel
Hadhabiya Morke: YMCA Mug
Ann Mills: 3 guest passes
Kevin Williams: 3 guest passes
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