Worthington Barbell Club

Worthington barbell club

The Worthington Barbell Club is organized and supported by the Worthington Area YMCA. The Club Coach is Cory Greenway, a USAW and CSCS certified coach. Our focus is on training the Olympic Lifts, the "Big 3" and variations of barbell exercises. No prior experience necessary to join us; you just need an interest in bettering yourself and using weightlifting and powerlifting as a way to find strength. A club team environment allows members to find others with similar strength/experience and receive advise from those more skilled. 

Club members do not need to be affiliated with the YMCA, but in order to train there they must be a member or pay a day fee to enter. Club members who do not belong to the YMCA can still participate in programs, training sessions, and created workouts by contacting Coach Greenway. 

Mock trial meets for Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting are held a couple of times throughout the year as well as intermittent weekend technique training sessions. 

Join the YMCA Barbell Club Training Sessions!!

Wednesdays 5:00-7:00pm (sessions reduced due to restrictions)

For more information, please contact the YMCA Program Director

Return to Lifting

Join Cory and others for our first 2021 Weightlifting Clinic: Return to Lifting!

In our first session we will come back to the basics and work on form and technique for the big 5 lifts andanswer and all questions on exercise selection,programming and how to best adapt a plan for you;because no one plan works for everyone.

Find out how you can start the Summer off right and take strides towards personal improvement.

June 16th

Weightlifting Technique

Join us for a dedicated evening on weightlifting technique. Stations will include Olympic Lifts (Snatch , Clean & Jerk), Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift. You may choose to participate in one or more; just come prepared to work!

Warm-up progressions, technique breaks downs and cues to help remind you on points to improve for yourself will be provided throughout the session.

July 14th

Functional Fitness

Learn how to get more out of your workouts, reduce your risk of injury and move beyond buzz words like HIIT, CrossFit and the like. Functional means to improve your daily life and get you healthier.

Discover what truly is functional exercise and how you can incorporate it into your routine. Come try out one of our Functional Fitness workouts or learn more about what you can do to improve yourself

August 11th

Fit For Duty

Join us to learn about the Fit 4 Duty program we have available as well as experience a workout and learn more about the training program and how it may be adapted for you!

Designed as an adjustable template for current First Responders, Military personnel and anyone looking to improve conditioning, strength, power, mobility and more. Designed for a variety of training abilities from those just getting off the couch, the circuit trainer, iron tribe member and tactical warriors; all can see improvements in their work and daily life.

Experience a HITT session or a standard training day and you can pick your intensity level.

September 22nd

Weightlifting Technique

Join us for a technique training session on exercises of your choice! Lets us know what you want help improving!

You can also learn about how to properly taper before a competition or work with us on developing a tapering plan for a Maxing Clinic in December!

Prepare to be the strongest you and start down the right path to getting solid performance and your best lifts to begin the new year!

October 13th

Technique Quick Tips

Join us for a technique training session on exercises of your choice! Lets us know what you want help improving!

Help prepare to keep the holiday weight away with quick tips on exercise/routine selection and continue to work on developing good technique for your lifts.

You can pick the lifts you want help with and get some additional quick tips to improve performance.

November 17th

1RM Peaking Session

The time is here to see if your hard work has paid off and recognize all you have done this last year! You can stop into the YMCA any time between 8:00am and 8:00pm to get help with spotting, and get your form/technique watched to verified, if you want to perform any 1RM maxing.

Warmup routines can be provided as well as a loading sheet to help make sure you don't push to hard, to soon, and hit those new PR's. You can pick the lifts you want to attempt but plan on minimum 30 minutes per exercise if you want to try multiple; ex: Clean & Jerk, Bench Press, and Deadlift approximately 90 minutes or more.

If you want to schedule out your lifts over more days, just contact Cory and we'll work with you so you can perform your best!

December 15th

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