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The Worthington Area YMCA is proud to offer full American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification and First Aid & CPR Certification courses to our community and the surrounding areas. We offer Lifeguarding Certification, Lifeguard Review, First Aid/CPR Certification and first Aid/CPR Review classes several times a year. Check below for our current and upcoming Lifeguarding and First Aid/CPR Certifications and Reviews. 


Participants will undergo 25 hours of coursework in person. Students must attend ALL of the class in order to pass it successfully. 

  1. Swim 300 yards performing the front crawl, breaststroke or a combination of both
  2. Tread water for 2 minutes without the use of their arms/hands. Placing hands above the water.
  3. Perform a timed recovery scenario by swimming 15 yards, submerging to retrieve an object located in 8-10 feet of water and return with object to the starting point and exit the water. This task must be completed in under 1 minute 40 seconds. 

Class Fee: $175.00 per participant (If participant has applied and interviewed to work for the Worthington Area YMCA before the class date, the course fee will be waived with the consent of the Aquatics Director)

  • July 15th - 17th
    • Friday, July 15th 5pm -8pm
    • Saturday, July 16th 8am - 8pm
    • Sunday, July 17th 8am - 6pm


The Lifeguarding Review class is for any currently certified lifeguards who are still under their two year certification or not past their 30 day expiration period. Course is 12 hours in length. This comprehensive review course will bring Lifeguards up to the current American Red Cross Standards, and recertify them for another 2 years. CPR, First Aid and AED reviews are included in the cost of the program, 10 hours of course work and hands on experience. Participants must pass a physical test: 300yd swim, 2 minutes treading water without hands and a timed recovery drill.

  • June 11th
    • 8am - 8pm

Class Fee: $75.00 per participant


This course includes 4 hours of course work and skill testing. Each class is restricted to 10 participants.

  • Check back for updated class offerings



JoElle Kielkopf

Worthington Area YMCA  Aquatics Director

p: (507) 376-6197 ext 224