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Meredith Daley, Executive Director/CEO

Mark Wibbens, Finance & Operations Director

Kris Hohensee, Membership Director

Jordan Balster, Youth Sport & Rec Director

Erin Benz, Aquatics Director

Trista Jacobs, Health & Fitness Director

The Board of Directors for the Worthington Area YMCA is comprised of volunteers from the community. They have agreed to dedicate their time to the support and oversight of your YMCA for a term of three consecutive years. The current board members are: 

  • Kenton Meier - President
  • America Voss - Vice President
  • Randy Thompson - Treasurer
  • Jason Gerdes - Secretary
  • Mark Schreiber
  • Beve Vajgrt
  • Kylie Turner
  • Heidi Meyer
  • Josh Dale
  • Lori Dudley
  • Bill Gordon
  • Lucky Sayveo
  • Dan Bernstrom
  • Gabby Burning
  • Chad Cummings - City Council Representative