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From group cycling classes, to yoga classes, to ZUMBA or even Drum Fit classes, we host 25 group exercise classes a week! There is something for EveryBODY!

*Did we mention these classes are FREE to members?

*Aquanastics has an extra monthly fee for members and non-members.



Get your body moving in our aquatic based wellness class. Anyone desiring to increase the amount they move their body each day with the low impact and assisted resistance from water. Each session begins with a warm up and blends aspects of cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and balance as training tools. Registration is required, limited to 20 participants.

Group Cycling

Our cycling instructors will push you in this class, taking you through a variety of routines of intense cycling. A great cross training class for runners, cyclists, tri-athletes as well as beginning exercises and groups. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.

Defend Together

Defend Together burns a ton of calories and builds total body strength. Tap into the hottest mixed martial arts movements done at a rapid-fire pace to maximize your cardio fitness. This electric experience is addictive and collaboratively a high-energy 60 minutes of fun.


This non-stop strengthening and sculpting class uses your own body weight and incorporates free weights with movements to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Our class pulls from our instructor’s experience with personal and athlete training and Pilates. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.

SilverSneakers Classic

A basic exercise class designed for seniors who would like to stay active. This class uses balls, bands, weights and chairs for assistance to give a challenging yet fun workout.

Drum Fit

Using rhythm as the source of inspiration, Drum Fit combines the benefits of a traditional physical fitness program with cognitive health at all life stages.

SilverSneakers Chair Yoga

A simpler yoga class designed for seniors where you can choose to use a chair for assistance or not. A great way to maintain or improve your flexibility.

Strength Train Together

Maximizes your workout results with 60 minutes of impactful strength training. You’ll get stronger while improving movement when you combine traditional strength training with functional exercises using an adjustable barbell, weights and bodyweight.

Strong In 30

This class is a condensed Strength Train Together. You get a full body workout using the STT equipment in just 30 minutes.

ForeverWell Strength Circuit

This class targets our senior members, of all ages. Tuesdays we meet in the Fitness Center for 30 minutes to perform a circuit of machines using the selectorizers. Join us afterwards for a fun-filled session complete with coffee and fellowship in the Multipurpose Room.

ForeverWell Strength and Balance Circuit

Thursdays we meet in the South Gym for 30 minutes for free weight exercises using dumbbells and chairs if needed to work on functional strength and balance. Join us for a fun-filled session complete with coffee and fellowship afterwards in the Multipurpose Room.


This class incorporates a variety of dance movements creating a dynamic and effective fitness workout. Come join the party as our instructors lead you through new routines and you dance to better health. This class targets your whole body. All levels welcome, please bring a water bottle.